...or maybe better yet, Letters to the Horrorheaditor!  heh, heh, heh,  Whatever the name, the premise is the same, so send me your questions, and monsteriffic suggestions. I'll post them one and all in the Monster Mail Call.

Dear HorrorHead Fred,
Hello, my friend. I just wanted to thank you for the nice words you wrote about me joining the Famous Monsters Of Filmland family. I hope I can live up to the hype. Doing a column for a title I grew up reading is going to be a blast! I met Forry only twice but spoke to him, via the telephone, a few times a year. I think he would have been happy to know I was contributing to FM now.
 I truly hope your visitors will check out Famous Monsters. My first "In My Write Mind" column will appear in issue is #253, slated to show up on store shelves in late December. But #251 and #252 are rockin' good reads, too. Don't miss them.
Happy Halloween to you and your visitors. Again, thanks for making me look so good.
what a nice suprise it is to receive a letter from Cinemacabre himself. for those of you lacking knowledge he's a real cool ghoul, horrorheaded from way back, and he's giving you the most excellent advice: don't miss out on the new FM!!!!
as for my kind words, no need to thank me, Cinemaster.  i tend to tell it like it is.
now back to your column, or there'll be no electrode hook up for you tonite!! okay, okay. maybe a little. but only if your good...in a monster kind of way.

"Love your site. Found it while searching yahoo groups. There's quite alot to go thru, but it looks like alot of fun. Always nice seeing a new monster site."
                     Brian Orr


very nice of you, indeed, to say such kind things about the masters site. there are many excellent sites awaiting you in Surfing the Monster Web! HHF

"Hi!  Enjoyed your website!  Don't know if you're aware of the Jack Pierce Tribute show available now on DVD. You may want to link to the site. I played Jack Pierce in the show."
                      Thank You,
                     Perry Shields

Hey Fred -

I like your site, especially your pages in the vault on Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.  Great info for me there.  I'm a big horror fan myself, and especially like stuff about mummies.  I just started this site called mummyfreaks - check it out when you get a chance.  
See ya,
James Gregory


thank you, perry, for bringing this  horrifically exciteing endeavor to our attention. the recreations look rather impressive.  i encourage everyone to check this out! go to www.jackpierce.com for more info.      HHF

"Hey Fred, I had to write in to tell you how awsome your site is.  I can't believe there's a site like this on the web. It's too cool.

I hope you don't start charging for it.  Are you going to be adding any posters to the poster page? I only ask because there are a couple movies that don't have posters yet"

                        John D.


heh, heh....no, i won't be charging for this site any time soon or in the future. the master undertakes this for the mere joy of pleasing his brethren, those lovers of monsters like yourself. rest assured, this site will never be "finished", for the master intends to seek out new images you may never have seen until he's vertical. this means, of course, that there will be regular updates to the poster page, as well as others. i'll always let you know when something has been updated by myself or the master. HHF


"Hello there,
  I'm not even sure when this wonderful site was last updated, but i'll whistle in the dark anyway....

I just stumbled across this site while researching the latest on forrest j ackerman - wondering how he is doing now.  I gather from your tribute to him that his ACKERMANSION is no longer open to visitors?  I was actually beginning to plan a trip to California this year to visit this mecca for horror fans.  I'm disappointed to hear that it might not be an option any longer.  Crushed, actually.

  Like you, I ran across FM as a child and was really hooked.  I so wish I'd kept my old issues now!  Thanks for any information you can provide me.  I'm just a fan who was hoping to get out to the West Coast and have a once in a lifetime experience meeting the man and the memorabilia that so influenced my childhood."
                       Thank You,
                      Dr.Myra Elder


all too sad that the Ackermansion is no more. those who were fortunate enough to walk those hallowed halls will have "the" cherished memory of a lifetime. more than the memorabilia, but for the Ackster.

as for FM, i would imagine that there are quite a few monster fans who now wish they'd hung on to and/or cared for those earlier copies. the master himself foolishly let his collection go, only to have to live life the ebay way. he reports only a few issues remain to be had!   but with some of those prices, he may have to sell a lung.  HHF

i'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Mr.Canova who wrote that very excellent peice on Bela Lugosi.  i'm sure the master is likewise moved to the point of mummyfication.

always nice to see the web expanded with the type of family entertainment that only monsters can provide. something to make you want to cry out "i want my 'mummy'. "ack"

speaking of mummy's, i was just thinking the other day about inviting kharis over for a visit, or possibly an extended stay. i'll be sure to give him warm regards on your behalf if i'm not too 'wrapped up".